The sketches, designs, and illustrations of Drake Sauer


This started as a concept doodle, internet asked for a comic, work sketch challenge required a comic strip, and this was the result.

He could be a fun character to explore…


I had to finish this. Based off a conversation at work.


Pretty dignified #bigfoot
#sketch #sketchbook

Too Toasty is up at @threadless
Give it a vote and tell me your mallow mishaps.



Hand Drawn type by me - Pic from the wife.

Duck Dynasty, Last time, thought you might like a clean look at just the image.

Still Time to vote.


Just some hand generated type. Ink and an old photo I took a few years back.


I did one of these a while back and people seemed to like it so since my new design - Duck Dynasty is up at threadless. I thought I would share a little process.

It starts with me hanging out with the sketchbook, exploring ideas. In the first image you can see I had my first version which originally included a little hatch-ling. Felt like it had potential so I drug out reference and started to redraw in a more regal pose.

I decided to get the right fit I would ink this guy traditional with ink and brushes, once that is done I scan it in and separate out the line art in Photoshop, (The second image). I then color underneath the lineart until I get the desired look.

And there you have it. Any questions I would love to answer and hopefully this guy is worthy of a bit of your time!


Duck Dynasty is up for voting on Threadless


Give this guy a vote if you would. Thanks!


Nothing brings out the animal in you quite like bear knuckle boxing.

Score it on @Threadless if you don’t mind.



Close up of a thing.


Sketching and Conceptin’


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